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Why We Are Pilots — 1 Minute Wings

Why are we pilots? Sure, a lot of times it’s just for fun. But aviation connects and improves humanity. We as pilots are at the forefront of that purpose. via https://youtu.be/ygPdmerE-Js

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Warming Your Plane in Winter -- #1MinuteWings

✈️ ❄️ 🔥 😁 Got a “Chilly Cessna”? Preflighting in the winter time brings on extra challenges, and takes extra patience. Preheating becomes a major task, and keeping your wings clean remains essential. Here are a few tips …

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Come Inside the Fence -- 1 Minute Wings

Have you found yourself on the wrong side of the fence? #Aviation can seem like an uninviting industry with barriers all around the airports. But really there are many people that want to help you out and not …

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